Thursday, May 24, 2007

Upper Fryingpan

The Upper Fryingpan is a super fun continuous tecnical class 4 nestled in the mountains above reudi resuvoir. These picture were taken at 264cfs. Usually plagued by wood, this river was surprisingly clean and had very little wood that was in the way. Fun run, a little manky class 4 creekin

Jake and Alex putting in on the notch

Alex running the notch

Jake running the notch

boogey water afterwards

Ottawa World Champs

Although none of us competed, for CRMS spring trip we,the CRMS kayak A team flew to Ottawa to kayak and watch the comp.
We had sessions at waves such as Waikiki, Big Smoothie, Buseater (very few rides due to long lines and limited time). Fun runs down the middle channel and a couple down the main. We scribed for hours during the day usually only getting to paddle after the comp.

Fred blunting on waikiki

Jake rblunt on Waikiki

Andrew Holcombe launching a huge clean blunt Photo thanks to Fred

jake after running a pretty hard line on garvins chute

Evan Garcia EG Tha Killa pan-aming his way to junior world champion photo thanks to fred

Golf Course Hole

Golf Course Hole is a small somewhat diagonal hole on the roaring fork, where at the right flow(1350 on the emma gauge) gives up some huge aerial maneuvers!!! These photos don't do the spot justice.

Jake hitting a Space Godzilla

Fred hitting a loop

Early Season Barrel Springs

Crms Kayak team doing our first 'gnar' run of the season on Barrell springs at low water. We hope to hit it while it is ragin sometime this summer. For some kids it was their first real class 4 and everyone got down safely.

CRMS Kayak Team dropping in to the first drop.

Tom Mckee running the gnar boof at the bottom.