Saturday, April 26, 2008

Escalante Creek

School has been rough. Luckily this sick little creek was running only a couple hours from carbondale, and we were able to rally down there and relieve some stress. We rallied over there saturday(a couple weeks ago) for our first creekin trip of the year. We had never run it before, and ended up scouting almost everything and taking photos. The upper gorge was a bit boney so we ended up paddling it once, and then we lapped the bottom gorge twice after our first full length run. This creek is a super fun class V desert gem with some sik little drops. We both ran Escalante Falls all three times, having marginal luck (it was a pretty low level for this drop). Jake stomped it first run, i blew it first run, running down far river left ending up running the bottom section backward. I had decent lines the next two runs, getting far enough right to make the line look bouncy, but still pretty good. Jake had a decent line second run, and blew it third run, having a similar line down the far river left. We went back home for school on monday, and senior skip day was tuesday. While most of our class went to breakfast, and made t-shirts that say "don't hate '08", Jake and i headed over to Escalante, hoping it would be higher, and super fun. It was. We rallied the top gorge, at a much better level, and then lapped the bottom gorge twice again. It was sick. We were able to shoot a little Foooty, check the vid out!! The falls is much easier at this level, jake and i both stomped it every run. Hope the water where ever you are is raging, and epic!!! Glenwood Canyon Kayak has a whole bunch of gear on sale so head down there and get ready for the season, its going to be an EPIC one!

me on the first drop of the upper gorge

a super fun boof, second drop of the top gorge

me on 57 Chevy, the second drop of the bottom gorge

just after 57 chevy, a pretty chill little boof with the falls up next

jake absolutely stomping the Falls, pretty much the best line you can have on this one

me with a decent line

jake on 57 chevy

here is the Video!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park Take Two

So after they pulled the diversion, they built a boat chute with a small wave on river right, and an island in the middle that we hope will make a huge wave once peak runoff starts, and of course the main feature which is turning out to be super sick. I have been paddling the feature almost everyday with an occasional barrel springs run. The park is really starting to show its potential. As the water rises, both the boat chute wave and the main hole are getting better and better. The boat chute wave is a small, fun surf wave with a sweet shoulder on surfers left which gives up right blunts, and good left spins. The right shoulder is not as good but still possible to roundhouse to the left, and spin to the right. The main feature is sweet, and has been giving up good hole tricks but is still too steep to mcnasty and such. We hope as the water comes up it will wave out a bit. It was good to paddle with LP, and Chris the owner of Glenwood Canyon Kayak, and also the CRMS crew is out there killin it. Sage has gone from front surfing to sticking spins almost every ride in two days, the boat chute wave is awesome for beginners to learn how to frontsurf, spin and build general playboating skills. He has only been paddling for 3 months and is out there killin it. I would like to thank H20 audio for hooking me up with a sweet waterproof ipod case and headphones, the thing is sweet, if you go onto the H20 audio website,, add something to your cart and enter fnorquist in the coupon code area, you will get 20% off. Check it out, its sweet to be able to paddle with music especially for a park and play sessions by yourself. Also coming up is the Glenwood Canyon Kayak spring sale april 23-30, and the swap is the 26-27 at the shop just up the hill from the wave. We will have awesome deals on everything. Hope the water wherever you are is flowing and sick!! looking forward to an awesome season!

me with a right blunt on the boat chute wave

a cool picture of lp carvin it up

lp with the clean blunt

Chris of Glenwood Canyon Kayak surfin it up

me in the main feature with a space godzilla

Here is a good video that shows the nature of both features at 2000 cfs

h20 audio ipod case, this thing is sik

case, headphones, and armband