Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Of Chile 2008

Well I figured I would do one update with a bunch of the best photos from our trip to Chile. I didnt realize how many amazing photos we had. So here they all are, the best from the trip taken by me, miguel, toro, graham, jared, ian, and evan. There were so many it would take days to organize them, so they are all out of order. Chile will always have a place in my heart, can't wait to return.

The day we all left Pucon, the stout Crew.
Salto palguin, yet to be fired up.
Demshitz chillin with our German homies.
Me running middle palguin, a good day indeed.
EG runnin el medio as well sin miedo.
An amazing day on the nevados, still one of the best days of my life.
Me and Evan on el rio Florine.
EG on the Stout on the florine killin it.
Me boofing a stout. Rio Florine.
Jared Seal launching in to run middle palguin.
Another huge peak in the lake District.
A beautiful vista Lake district, near rio petrohue.
Same vista in the morning.
Driving to the Cochamo.
Jared, Fusilli, and Evan on the Negro.
Chilin in the hot springs at the Florine.
Evan running the Brown on the Florine.
EG again killin it.
Ian Firing up the stout on the Florine.
Me on the Stout.
Jared on the llancahue.
Evan, Jared and Ian on the llancahue, i guess Ian didnt get the synchronized paddle stroke memo.

Evan and Jared on the Nevados. Love that rapid.
Me on the same rapid.
EG with the brown, nevados.
Graham, Nevados
Evan, amazing photo by jared, nevados.
Driving home from argentina.
At the border volcan la nin.
Demshitz on el rio Puesco.
Me on the Nevados Slide gettin funky.
Pablo Casey runnin his first waterfall at the age of 7, a future brown runner for sure.
Argentina, new world record?
Graham with his Stunna SHades.
To this day one of the best days of my life, Goin to the nevados.
Driving to Argentina.
Graham killing it rio agrio, Argentina.
A nice scenic shot, Rio Agrio, Argentina.
The campsite, Rio Agrio, Argentina.
Cool photo from argentina.

Our favourite Volcano, Villarica.
Driving to Argentina.
Rio Agrio.
Jared running a stout, Rio Agrio, Argentina.
Jared Again on the Agrio.
Rodrigo shortly after Ian claimed first D on the Panqui portage.
Fusilli runnin brown, Rio Cochamo
Our Campsite at the Negro.
Eg Boof-Stomp Middle palguin high water.
Granite walls at the Cochamo.
Cochamo with fog.
Ian First D Panqui Portage.
Demhitz Rio Cochamo.
Jared on the Cochamo.
Desahue, que linda.
Puerto Montt seafood restaurants.
Evan skiing on water, Rio Cochamo.
EG rio Desahue.
Rio Desahue, Que linda.
Gettin ready to run the Puesco.
Me gettin Funky on Rio Negro.
Cochamo beauty.
EG boofing a huge hole, Rio Negro.
Our favorite slide, Rio Cochamo.
Our campsite at the Cochamo.
Eg is a beast.
The Crew, Rio Negro.
Hiking into Rio Cochamo.
Rio Negro.
Volcan Asorno, near petrohue.
Ian on the Desahue.
Eg Desahue.
Me on the Negro.
Me boofing big, Desahue.
Fusilli runnin brown, Cochamo.
Demshitz Graham with a huge bridge jump.
EG Desahue.
Jared double brown at a beautiful swim spot.
Me boofing Rio Negro.
Jared EPIC drop, Rio Cochamo.
Graham, Rio Cochamo.
Eg Portage, Desahue.
Eatin lunch, Cochamo.
Our favorite campsite near the fuy.
Jared On the Cochamo.
Our accomodations, Aids shack.
Graham, Cochamo.
Near the fuy.
Me portage, palguin.
Inside of our luxury suite.
Drivin to Pucon from Santiago.
Jared First D "Diablito".
Miguel and Graham Wreking themselves, Cochamo.
Que linda, cochamo.
Eg First D, Nevados.
Eg bustin a blunt, Tata wave.
Just another run down the upper palguin.
Graham, upper palguin.
Volcan villarica, spewin some smoke.
Tryin to get up rio Coyanco.
Rodrigo shortly after Jared first d'd the Demshitz Drop.
One of my favourite photos, Demshitz on a ferry.
EG seal launching into the middle.Palguin.
Fusilli Frankenbrine, fron Nilahue.
Jared Running Middle palguin.
Fusilli on Nilahue.
The Crew at the Gol Gol.
Miguel on Princesa.
Jared on Indio.
Rodrigo Killing it, Idio, rio gol gol.

Chile was amazing, if you ever have the chance to go down there do it, its so worth it. Untill next time, Fred