Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rio Fuy

The Fuy is one of the classic beautiful chilean rivers. It's source is another beautiful volcano, and a mountain lake. It is big volume waterfall style, especially when we were there, the water was a juicin'. It starts out with some class 4ish rapids with a few pretty large holes, then goes into the waterfall section, with a stout 4 foot ledge, then Leona, the tallest of the waterfalls(about a 20 footer) with a nice 10 directly afterwards. There is then a couple rapids leading into one of the stoutest holes I have looked at, about a 5 foot ledge with lots of water going over it. We had another amazing day on the river the Fuy is one I will not forget. Demshitz killed it.

Demshitz at a beautiful campsite with the volcano in the background. I love this campsite, green fields, a lake to swim in, a campfire, and Escudo. Good times.

The volcano.

EG boofing the very stout hole, the last 5 footer.

Michael Shields all day.

EG boofing the first rapid of the run.

Me on Leona, another beautiful day in chile.

The big one on the rio Fuy, has yet to be dropped.


Dane said...

I was down there in 2004 studying hydroelectric development on the Fuy and other rivers. Was there any news on when they are supposed to divert the Fuy. It will be a tragedy when they do.

Rach said...

Unfortunately talking to the local rafters it is going to be diverted by 2012 or was 2015. Soon anyway. They have started building a paved road in there.

Craguss said...

That looks like one awesome place to go Kayaking, just make sure to take your Waterproof Ipod along with you!