Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MIddle Palguin!!!!!!!!!

Middle Palguin is a huge waterfall just outside Pucon, Chile. At the end of our trip, we set the day we wanted to give 'er on this beast and gave 'er we did. I awoke with a start after envisioning my line all night, and was ready to give 'er hell. It is a clean, 70 foot tall stout. The entrance is a marginal seal launch into really aerated water, then straight off the edge of the world. The crew was Me, Rodrigo, Jared, Graham, Miguel and Evan. This being the tallest drop I had run, I definitely a little scared, but at the same time super fired up. It was game time. We rolled into Pucon, Picked up our favorite Chileans, Rodrigo, Jorge, and Patino and then headed to the rio where paddles were to be destroyed, swims to be had, lines to be stuck, but most importantly, a good time on the river with a good group of friends. We arrived at the drop. We concluded Rodrigo would go first, as this was his 8th or 9th time down the big'n.

Rodrigo had a great line as usual, even though his well-used skirt blew.

Evan went next, having I think around four descents of this beast. He decided to throw his paddle away as to not break another paddle. (we broke 12 in like 2 months between 5 of us I believe.)

Evan seal launching in.

He had a great line, but could not hit the hand roll at the bottom and unfortunately a bootie was due to the river gods.

Demshitz Jared went next, having a nice line, although destroying his paddle over his head.(Luckily it missed his face)

Jared killing it.

Demshitz Graham went next, his second time down this beast.

Graham had a sick line, as good as it gets, however lost/broke his paddle at the bottom, fortunately he killed the hand roll, and was fired up.

I went next. A nerve racking moment about to fall along ways.

I had a good line, took a right stroke, and entered the pool with a good angle, not too flat and not over the bars. My paddle seemed fine, however after further examination on the walk to the upper palguin right afterwards, I noticed it cracked the blade right where it meets the shaft, bummer. But well worth it.

Miguel stout master went next, and had a decent line, although broke his paddle.STOUT

This is a photo by team Marginal of Adam Johnson running it a few weeks later, gives a nice perspective on size.
The Crew at the bottom, a great day indeed!

We then went and routed the upper palguin with some german homies. They were super fun to hang out with, and were great boaters.
Chillin with our German homies on the upper crack drop.

German homie killin the 20 on the upper.

We then went to Mama's y Tapas to celebrate the days events, and 2 months never to be forgotten in chile.

I will be back.

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