Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I realize I have not updated the blog in a while, and well im happy to say we have been too busy kayaking lately. So here it goes. As soon as my rib was healed enough to creek boat, we headed over to obj to catch the end of the runoff, and well it was the end of the runoff indeed. OBJ was bone low. It was super fun to paddle with Don Smith out there, he is super chill.We paddled it about 4 times the first day, and we scraped about an inch of plastic off of our boats.
Me workin on the plug, the 25 ftr on OBJ.

The next day we, wanting to fire up something big, went on a mission to rock creek on the top of schofield pass. We searched for the lower gorge, which only really has one rapid, a crazy technical 20 ft slide leading into a 50' vertical waterfall.

The Drop, STOUT

We found it and were super stoked to sack up and run er. I ran first, and had a great line on the top slide, but hit a weird flake at the top of the waterfall, and it turned me as I went off.

Me in the entrance slide

Just as the flake turned me at the lip.

I ended up being fine with a bloody nose, and a bootie to drink after being ejected. Thanks to Don for saving my gear.

Jake and I Fired up.

Jake ran next, and absolutely stomped the entire rapid. He went to the left of the flake, tucked up and stomped it. We were fired up, this rapid is STOUT

We then went back and ran obj a little the next day, mostly just lapping the 25ftr because the rest was way too low to be good for your boat. We then Headed back to Carbondale, to run Yule.
We are keeping the video for a film we are making at the end of the summer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OBJ Race

So over a month ago, jake and i headed down to obj so that jake could compete, and I, still being injured could come film. It was a great event thanks to John Grace, and Shane Benedict. The Slalom and Downriver races were sik,with the creek raging, everything was stompy and pretty stout. Jake did well, getting 9th in the downriver.

All Photos taken by Brett Holman Photography.

Jake Headed out for an early mornin run

Jake taking it to town on the 25ftr

Jake Resurfacing

Josh Bechtel killin it.

A super sick shot by brett, Andrew Holcombe resurfacing after the 25ftr.