Monday, February 18, 2008

Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park

Jake and i headed down to the new whitewater park in g-wood right after school on friday. It was running at 1580cfs. We timidly surfed surfer's left where loops were possible, however a possible beatdown awaited if you got pulled too far into the center. We both got mild beatdowns, and decided we would be careful when we went into the meat. Surfer's right side is a good small wave that you can roundhouse/cartwheel. The middle is very retentive, and somewhat shallow, the perfect small beatdown. When i surfed it for the first time a week before friday, it was at 1460cfs, and was much mellower, however did not give up loops, and was much more shallow(i smashed my feet really badly, they are still bruised). I suspect that it will be much better with a couple hundred more cfs. Unfortuanetly, the unofficial word on the street is that there will only be one feature, not two as they had planned previously. So it wont be good at low water. On an optimistic note, it will be epic at medium flows!! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

The wave

Jake with the loop

jake paddlin into the meat

relative size

Here is a super short edit from our quick session. We didnt get much footage unfortuanetly.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Overview 2007

So 2007 was a sick year, it started out with early season playboating with occasional runs down barrel springs. Then with CRMS 5 of us flew to the ottawa to watch World Champs/have some chill runs down the other channels, and early morning bussy sessions(freezing). We then came back to the Roaring Fork playholes being at perfect flows. We also rallied the upper Fryingpan a few days, including one where Jake ran without a sprayskirt, and was submerged after each drop. Once school got out, jake, alex and i started our epic crystal adventures with the first being a run down the punchbowls at super high water, then a month or so later, the north fork and punchbowls in one day. After that we were jonsen for some legit playboating, so we went to m-wave(gnar foampile). Then i went to ski camp, got to run the Green Truss Section of the White Salmon. After ski camp, We ran the Upper crystal gorge, and lake creek, both epic trips. As the water dropped, and i was stuck in SAT class, we made occasional trips to m-wave, and during the fall ran barrel springs frequently, and had some sick play sessions in the hole at the bottom. We also made a couple trips over to Gore Canyon, a super fun run.
Here are a few of the best pictures.

2007... An epic year!! Check back for 2008 updates.

Evan Garcia SLAYING at world champs

Jake on the punchbowls falls.. super high water

Fred on the North Fork of the crystal, 2nd drop

Fred blunting at a foamy M-Wave

Jake Givin 'er on Paralyzer, lake creek