Friday, September 7, 2007

M-Wave Trip #3

With jake and alex still gone, i met up with Reed Koeneke, Leif Anderson, Alex Hotze, and Blake Dimeff to have some sick sessions, thanks so much blake for shooting vid and pics. Here is the video i edited after our sick sessions. We arrived in the late afternoon, paddled untill almost dark, got some food, built a bonfire and car camped in the Montrose hills.
Photos taken by fred.

the Ye-Old m-wave tradition as Reed would say, shooting guns when we arent paddling

Reed Givin 'er

Alex with the no paddled Kickflip


Reed again

M-wave trip #2

With Jake and Alex gone, i was jonsen hard for some good paddling so i drove to m-wave where i met Leif Anderson, and we sessed it for a couple days, luckily it had greened out since last time i had been there, but still the scaryest play feature ever, the speed combined with the shallow trough makes it quite intimidating. EPIC

leif sick blunt


Sunday, August 19, 2007

M-Wave trip #2 cont.

leif with a huge launch

cool picture of me wavewheelin


fun airs

All pictures of me were taken by leif and all pictures of leif we taken by me.

Crystal Gorge

Jake, Alex and i looked at the crystal guage and it read 329. We took of and ran the upper gorge, with never running it before, we scouted everything, and had an awesome day, we did not run the inner because we did not know any lines, an did not have a guide, but we are stoked to run it once it comes up with a little rain.

me on the second drop

alex on the second drop

me on the first part of pine tree

jake on the second drop of pine tree

Lake Creek

With such low water in colorado, the only gnar creeking we could find was lake creek, so we drove over indepence pass, and hit up paralyzer, brains, kiss me and cauldron, check it out!

leif paralyzer

jake paralyzer

me brains

leif cauldron

me paralyzer
So in the midst of summer, leif and i had a nice little salida session with such low water in the roaring fork valley.

me loop

leif loop

leif and i with the double loop

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Green Truss Of the White Salmon

While i was at ski camp, we had a break from skiing so i called up my teachers from world class kayak academy, and headed to the green truss with dave zinn, LJ groth and some others.

me on Big Brother

Dave zinn on big brother

M-Wave Session

Just before i went to ski camp in oregon for two weeks we decided to hit up the m-wave, although it had a pile, it allowed for good tricks(you could stick them) and sizeable beatdowns.

me with a blunt

jake with a blunt

Michael(lp) palmer witht the pan-am

getting out of the eddy

North Fork of the crystal

After our first south fork expedition we decided that the south and north forks could be hucked in one day. We woke up early, hit the top four of the north fork, and then headed to the punchbowl falls. It was a good time, only two flat tires, and a friendly redneck to fix one. A good day.

me on the first drop

jake second drop

me second drop

jake fourth drop

our boats didnt exactly stay on

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh-Be-Joyfull Video

Here it is the much anticipated vid

South Fork of the Crystal River cont.

We left early in the morning in alex's old land cruiser aka night train with one common goal to run some sick waterfalls. we drove through redstone, and looked at meatgrinder we decided not to run it due to the high danger level and low fun. Past marble onto the burly 4x4 road, through the town of crystlal where our car got stuck by bottoming out. we were stuck there for over 3 hours in which we jacked the wheels up and put rocks under them. When we finally got the car off the rocks we pushed it to a flatter surface, where it finally started. we created a better rock platform and drove right up over the huge rocks and continued on to where the snow covered the road, and the river, and continued hiking from there. We hiked up and over the snow bridge. We then reached the perfect hike and huck waterfalls which consist of two thirty footers directly after each other. The first drop, a super clean thirty footer with a slide that was focused entirely on trying to flip us before we reached the lip. Then a somewhat short deep pool and the second waterfall with a weird slide entrance ( this waterfall must be run on the right due to a shallow rock landing on the left) it can be run center if you boof it like i did. The crystal was at 1000 cs when we ran them. they would be easier at lower water.

jake at the lip of ze first one

me on the second one

South Fork of the Crystal River