Tuesday, June 19, 2007

South Fork of the Crystal River cont.

We left early in the morning in alex's old land cruiser aka night train with one common goal to run some sick waterfalls. we drove through redstone, and looked at meatgrinder we decided not to run it due to the high danger level and low fun. Past marble onto the burly 4x4 road, through the town of crystlal where our car got stuck by bottoming out. we were stuck there for over 3 hours in which we jacked the wheels up and put rocks under them. When we finally got the car off the rocks we pushed it to a flatter surface, where it finally started. we created a better rock platform and drove right up over the huge rocks and continued on to where the snow covered the road, and the river, and continued hiking from there. We hiked up and over the snow bridge. We then reached the perfect hike and huck waterfalls which consist of two thirty footers directly after each other. The first drop, a super clean thirty footer with a slide that was focused entirely on trying to flip us before we reached the lip. Then a somewhat short deep pool and the second waterfall with a weird slide entrance ( this waterfall must be run on the right due to a shallow rock landing on the left) it can be run center if you boof it like i did. The crystal was at 1000 cs when we ran them. they would be easier at lower water.

jake at the lip of ze first one

me on the second one

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