Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh-Be-Joyfull& other CB creeks

Directly after exams, taking the sat and senior party, jake and i jonsen' for some "real" kayaking as i would like to call creeking, drove to crested butte by ourselves with one main goal, being to run the s**t. We got there mid day and drove to the upper east to warm up on some small easy and fun waterfalls. Unfortuanetly (or possibly fortuanetly) the level was not quite high enough to run stupid falls. We then had had an easy fun warm up and headed to the obj campground where we set up camp and ate a quick luch. After lunch and some newly aquired energy that i needed ( i was a little tired from the party) we drove to the daisy creek, hiked to the put in (my car doesnt quite cut it for driving through the slate). Daisy is a fun creek wih two major rapids, big wood falls, a super fun 20ft boof, and rip your face off, a slide that ends in a tight notch with a nice autoboof that if run anyway but straight and upright would rip your face off. Once we met someone to take us down obj the next day, we ran that the rest of the trip learning that it was the best due to it's short hike and numerous, quality drops.

jake with the perfect boof on the top 20 footer

me on the top 20 footer

Oh-Be-Joyful video coming soon

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Tallen said...

Can anyone give me directions or contact info to the OBJ campground? Thanx!!!