Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wicked Wednesday! A day of fun.

Well lately I have been working a bunch teaching kayaking at crms to a mix of inner city kids, and kids from Andover academy. It has been really fun to teach people to do what I love. On my day off (Wednesday) Jake and I have been charging to do as much as we can in one day. This is a video from our first Wicked Wednesday. We skied on independence, cliff jumped on the way down, kayaked slaughterhouse, then took our mini-me down Shoshone at 8,500 cfs to Jazz in the park at 2 rivers park in glenwood. It has become somewhat of a ritual. Anyways, here is a little video from the day, it was one to remember.

Wicked Wednesday from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.

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