Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Middle Fork of the Nooksack

Well lately up here in Bellingham, there has been not very much snow, but lots of rain. This is good and bad because well, we want snow for spring runoff, but we love rain for the good mid-winter runs on the different sections of the Nooksack. My personal favorite is the Middle Fork, if you link the upper and the lower, it could be some of the most quality kayaking i've done, combining two awesome styles of whitewater. The upper consists of class 5 boulder garden style rapids with tons of sweet boofs and some big holes to punch. The lower, or the "Canyon" consists of a sweet gorge with some great bedrock pool-drop style rapids with even more sweet boofs and beautiful scenery. I couldn't be happier when the MF is running, I skip all the classes I can afford to, and MF becomes the focus. Here is a video that shows all the major rapids on the MF over two sweet days of boating. Check it out.

Middle Fork Nooksack POV from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.


Sirtalkmuch said...

Nice vid. I've never been out to WA but the paddling looks sweet. What was the first song?

Richard said...

I loved watching this. Really cool camera work, all the way through, and the music really worked!

Fred Norquist said...

first song is up up & away by Kid Cudi, thanks for the feedback

corvettekayak said...

Wow, what's the level at?

Higher than I've ever attempted!