Friday, February 26, 2010

Cody Payne Demshitz Made Episode 1

Well for the past few weeks the water has been super low in bellingham, but I can’t just not go kayaking, I have to go. I took my friend out for his first four times, and he is really stoked on it. I love teaching people who are excited about it because they make me realize how awesome of a sport kayaking is. Its so much different than most sports I do, so much more involved, and inspires the passion for adventure that is in all of us. This is why I Love kayaking, in no other sport have I felt like each new day was an adventure, felt like each day could end with me camping next to some river freezing.From the moment Cody sat in my boat, he has been non-stop just plain stoked on kayaking. He walked to my dorm room after the first day, and asked to borrow all my kayak videos. From what I hear from his roomate, he hasnt slept in days and Demshitz the movie has been playing for three weeks now. This guy just loves it. And im stoked to be teaching him because he loves it. I see the same stoke in him that I remember feeling when I started getting into kayaking some 6 years ago. Rock on!

Here is a photo from Cody’s First day on the river.

And here is a video from the days I took Payne to the river.

Demshitz Made: Cody Payne Edition, Episode 1 from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.


Lee Green MD MPH said...

Kayaking can have that effect on people. Not just young'uns, either - I'm a 50-something professor, ostensibly a responsible adult, and the same thing happened to me 2 years ago when I started kayaking.

That's a good thing.

Evan Stafford said...

Gnarquist - that was awesome. Cody Payne - you KILLED IT. Take it from me as one from the club, when you hit your first roll attempt, it only gets better from there. I think this proves a couple of things - 1. If you do it enough times, you can learn to kayak just by watching the Demshitz movie 2. The Remix is one of, if not the best boat to learn in, and 3. Cody Payne is a motivated mother f-er. Stoker.