Monday, June 2, 2008

Eagle Creek, Off to BC

For our high school senior project at CRMS, Julie Singer, Becker Anderson and i set out on a mission to make a documentary stye film of logging across from the Skookumchuck narrows. On our way up to BC, we were in need of some adrenaline, and out-of the car time, so after being shutdown on Celestial Falls, we drove north to Hood River, where we had lunch with one of my former kayak coaches at world class, LJ Groth. He said Eagle Creek was the best hike, park and huck in the area, with a sweet 30ish footer on it called Punchbowls falls. We hiked about an hour, came to the falls, i was the only one to run it because Julie hurt her knee and didnt want to hike with her boat, and Becker doesnt kayak, his mission on the trip was to take amazing photos. I ran while Julie and Becker shot photos and vid. This is different from any other waterfall i have ever run. The curler just gives it a whole new dimension. You have to punch the curler with a right stroke, and then try to ride that stroke off off the lip, the curler turned me 90 degrees, i wasnt expecting it at all, i reached the lip and felt like i was going to pitch-pole, so i threw in a quick stroke, and before i knew it i was completely flat about to hit green. Definetly an interesting waterfall. It is also a really beautiful hike, and very pretty even if you arent boating. All photos thanks to Becker Anderson, Skook, and puchbowls video coming soon.

I boofed the shit out of it, and yes, it hurt.

The ten footer below the big one.

It is a beautiful hike up a classic northwestern canyon.

The water is crystal clear, and very refreshing after two full days of driving.

At the lip i though i was going to pitch-pole, however i just ended up boofing the hell out of it.

Skook update soon, along with more exciting punchbowls happenings.

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