Sunday, June 22, 2008

High Water Barrel Springs & Lower Death

So on the way back down from Skookumchuck, we stopped at punchbowls falls again, and lapped it a couple times. All was well until my last run in which I had a decent line, with about a 45 degree landing, I just landed on my edge weird. Right away I knew something was wrong, I felt my lower left ribs were killing me. I figured I had either broken a rib or separated the cartilage bad. It turned out to be the ladder.I haven't been in the water for 4 weeks now, and it has been rough. I have been going to physical therapy, and I have just been released to paddle flatwater, and class 2. So for these past few weeks I have been the eye behind the lens. Shooting video and pictures on the sidelines while Jake and Alex kayak.

Jake had run barrel at high water a week before with LP palmer, and said it was big, and scary. This was definitely true, with the Colorado running about 11,000cfs through the canyon. With alex being gone for a year in china with no kayaking, he wasn't feeling solid in his boat. Jake seal launched in, with alex right behind him. Jake styled lower death, Alex on the other-hand did not. He flipped soon after the seal launch, and ended up running almost the whole rapid upside down before swimming towards the bottom. It didn't help that he had an underwater housing with our small camera strapped to the front of his boat. Obviously shaken up a bit, He didn't want to run barrel springs, so he set safety at the bottom, While jake styled the entire HUGE rapid that is Barrel Springs at 11,000cfs. It was sick.

Looking up the canyon at Upper Death with Jake and Alex mere specks on the right bank.

Jake and Alex scoutin' the stout, alex looking good in my gear.

Jake balls deep in Lower Death

Jake again punchin through the huge wave, lower death

Jake and Alex scoutin while i shoot.


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