Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rio Negro

The rio negro is a very unknown river in southern Chile. Only a few groups have had the pleasure of getting on this one. It is a great little creek with tons of sweet boofs, good waterfalls, a stout 60 footer, and a couple sweet mini-gorges. We were grateful to be able to get on this one. It lies as most chilean creeks do, just below huge volcanoes, and is carved into the basalt rock that gives it its amazing drops. Another amazing chilean creek.

Photos by Michael Shields and me

Jared boofing the first drop.

Me on the first one.
Jared on a nice 20 ftr above the 50ftr.

EG on the same.

Evan and Graham the nation behind the curtain of the 50 ftr.

Jared bustin out Magnum in front of the camera, 50ftr in the background.

Me boofing a little ledge.

Demshitz deep in a dark gorge in patagonia.

Kurt casey killin a 20ftr all old school steeze.

The Crew.

A cool boof flake rapid.
Me getting funky on the flake.

Me on a nice 5ftr.

Graham, stone cold killer.

Evan boofing a stout hole with a tricky entrance.

Jared on a cool rapid in the lower gorge.
Jared as the afternoon sun sets.

Our dope campsite, Exportacion!!

Miguel on a scenic ferry ride.

Fresh seafood in puerto montt.
Puerto Montt.

The Restaurant we ate in.

Another beautiful chilean view.

Demshitz on a ferry home.

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Bryan Owen said...

looks like another chilean classic.

love it!