Monday, April 27, 2009


Its that time of year... the time of year when good kayaking is about to come and i'm so excited, I cant wait. I drive the 2.5 hours from Carbondale to run Escalante, the only show close out of town that isn't doing loops over and over again in some playhole. Its that time of year where people are getting stoked for good times to be had over the next couple months of summer boating. Jake and I left late-ish from c-dale around 10. We arrived at Esca to find it low/medium (I would say more low than medium).It felt soooo good to get back in the Grande, I love how that boat performs. To get back in the groove of things, we decided to run everything blind, only going by our memory of the rapids from last year. We took much more extensive media last year... Check it out here. Escalante Creek '08. We started with a top to bottom charge, no scouting, no bullshit. Just gettin in the groove again. Everything went well although both Jake and I werent pleased with our lines at 57' Chevy. We ran the falls blind, Jake having a great line, and me a decent. We then went for another run of just the gorge. It seemed a bit lower but still fun. This creek is much more worth it with more water. I strongly recommend going in there when it is nice and padded out, It is just more fun (less kayak abuse too).

This was the first run with the Green Jacket. Love how comfortable it is. Check it out here Green Jacket

Thanks to Kent Perillo for the photos.

Jake gettin nice and deep in 57' Chevy with me looking on.

Jake and I afterwards.

Jake Sakson himself with another monster boof off this thing.

My line was ok, not the best line I have had here, but also not the worst.

We rallied back to C=dale while Jake passed out in the passenger seat from skiing sopris, then going to Zion I at the belly up in Aspen the previous day. Today we chilled, tomorrow we CHARGE there is brown to be run!!!!! Either headin to durango for a few days vallecito, pandoras box, or hitting up barrel springs. Make sure to check out the DEMSHITZ movie when they roll through CO. I hear it is a masterpiece. See you on the river.


Leif Anderson said...

If it's high, you should try the left line on 57 chevy. Wish I could have been there, to show you kids how it's done.

Anonymous said...

Nice, thats what i'm talkin about. Thanks for postin some Pandoras stoke.