Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glenwood Whitewater Park in April

Well recently I have pretty much just been working with little time to paddle. Today was the first sunny/nice day we have had in a while so I figured I would go for a short paddle down at the whitewater park. Although it was still cold, it proved to turn into a fun session, and I officially cannot wait for it to get warmer and the rivers to start going. Here are some photos from the day by Ryan Leto, who killed it. Cant wait for some creekin. Stay tuned for some good stuff.

Bowstall to warm things up a little bit.

The little side in G-wood is the best right now, with spins and roundhouses/blunts being possible.
Cartwheeling the Biscuit, such a fun boat.
A sick photo from ryan of me roundhousing.

Crazy photo

Gettin a lil play in the main feature

Demshitz is happy to on the rio.

Im stoked to be part of the CKS squad this year!! Check out CKS
Also I must say my new smith sunglasses are quite sexy.

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