Saturday, March 28, 2009

G-Wood Paddling With the Biscuit

Well after my Westwater trip, I was pretty fired up to get out there and paddle so me and sage went for a good day on Lower Death/Barrel Springs/Shoshone. It was fun even though the water is very low this time of year. I just got my biscuit 55, and have been paddling it a little, its a great boat. Here are some photos from recent kayaking endeavors.

Me and Sage in lower death at low water.

Me gettin a little vertical action in barrel springs.

Me boofin a little hole.


SHOUT out to Demshitz, BROWN!

Me and Sage gettin some double surf in Shoshone.
Yes Might be able to model.

I took the Biscuit to the g wood wave at about 1700cfs on a freezing cold day. Spins, roundhouses and loops were possible in the small feature, the large one is a ledge hole right now.


The Sky illuminated.

My buddy Austin chillin at Zapata Falls in southern CO.

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