Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Is Almost Here!! And what is True love??

Well I figured I would throw up a couple photos from recent winter paddling in order to point out the fact that well..... It may still be winter as Leif would say... but spring is ALMOST here! (This may just be an effort to keep myself in denial that in fact it is still winter, but it helps me sleep at night) True love can only really be defined by this video.

Or these photos.

If words could describe how much I love the Jefe Grande, I would write them right here.

"Sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home from san diego, and you find a couple strangers ready to double team your girlfriend"-Old School

Well my friend, A Jefe will never be this cruel, it will boof when you want to boof, plug when you want to plug, eddy out when you want to eddy out.... you get the idea.

True love has been found.

Oh right, actuall kayaking photos!

mmmm.... drysuits

Another run on Shoshone to keep my ind off the fact that yes, it is still winter.
I love the Biscuit, cant wait to take it on a big wave, I bet it will go huge!

As you can tell the snow is melting, however yes it is in fact STILL WINTER.

A run down Barrel Springs with Leif and Sage.
The put in.
Warming up.
Leif mid-barrel, a bit different than at 11,000 cfs.

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So let us all hope that I am not in denial, and spring is in fact coming soon.

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