Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Westwater and The Liquid Logic Biscuit

Westwater trips are always a good time. It marks the beginning of spring for me. Even though it is snowing as I am writing this. Me and Sage rolled out of c-dale friday evening where we met the rest of our crew at the put in. We had a great group. We slept(it was really cold), and then woke to a beautiful sunny day. We ran shuttle, and were anxious to get on the water in order to get some surfin in at LIL D. We rolled into our camp at lower LIL D around 2, at a dank lunch thanks to Ted, and then surfed till around 5. The wave was at a decent level, blunts were possible, which was great for an early season wave. We had six new LL Biscuits to test out, and test them we did. The production version is quite different than the prototype that I had been paddling. There is less bow rocker, and less stern rocker, the spin disc is removed. The stern is a bit longer, and it has a little bit more volume. This made the boat much faster which I was very happy with. It surfs great, easy to control, big bounces, spins easily. I was super stoked with how it performed.

The Crew Chillin.
Ted Cruisin in the Remix xp 10
Sage has been killin it all year, this kid is a slayer.
Me paddling the Biscuit 55 at lil d.
Evan Stafford doin his thang in the Biscuit 55.
Lisa and Dave testin out the new biscuits.
Earl is crazy good at river boarding.
Ted in the Biscuit 65 killin it.
Kyle McCutchen stoked to be on the rio.
Evan Stafford Lovin the new boat.
All photos by Brett

I weigh about 165 and am about 6' feet tall. The Biscuit 55 fits me perfectly.

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