Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winter Time Gore Canyon

Despite my hopes that it is almost spring, I have concluded that it is still winter. Jones and I left c-dale and rallied to Pumphouse where we met Eric from boulder. We set shuttle and Drove to the put-in. There we met Sam from PA. Everyone was stoked for a little winter time kayaking. Although the temperature was fairly warm, there was a slight breeze which made everything much colder. We warmed up on the flat water, then entered the canyon for some good ol' low level gore. The Canyon was beautiful, and the rapids still fun even though the level was low.

At the put in.
About to paddle some flat water, sweet!

Entering the deep dark depths of Gore Canyon. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Eric chillin at gore rapid.

Jones Cochran gettin busy in Gore rapid. The meat line is the only one that goes at this level. There were no Ice bridges the whole run, so we were stoked on that.

Gore Canyon, a pretty beautiful place.

Sam In Gore rapid. He got a lil sideways action, but pulled it off just fine.
Jones at tunnel Falls, Nice boof.
Me boofing Tunnel in my new Grande, gotta love how easily that boat boofs.

Another Put in shot.

The run was fun, Jones and I ran everyting, and there were no death ice bridges. Sam and Eric killed it. Snow is cold. My favorite rapid is definitely Kirshbaum's it is pretty long, with some fun boofs.

Happy Winter paddling. -Fred

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