Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Crystal River Gnarrows... The most extreme thing ever done

Well here is a little video I put together after a chill run down the Narrows with the CRMS crew. It is shot with a GoPro helmet cam. It kind of goes without saying but I was being 100% sarcastic in the video. Its not super gnarly but still fun indeed. Check back soon, I will have a barrel springs POV.

One of my favourite new pieces of gear is my at2 superlight, its light, powerfull and feels great. Available online at CKS AT2 Superlight

Crystal River Gnarrows from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.

He then married Jessica Alba and was pronounced the most extreme man ever to live....ever. It was a breakthrough for man kind.

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SummitAP said...

Very entertaining!