Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kimshew Creek: California Lovin

Well it is no secret that Kimshew creek is one of the best creeks around, with clean drops everywhere and perfect waterfalls it is truly one of the best runs in the country. Jake and I left Carbondale early Sunday morning and drove the whole day, where we met up with Demshitz in Reno. We woke early and headed out to meet up with Shannon Carroll to go route it. We Put on late at around 3. The water was low, but this creek is so quality it really doesnt matter, it is still super fun. It is probably the most quality creek that I have ever paddled, two 40footers, tons of perfect waterfalls and slides, a great run fa sho.

At the put-in in the Demshitz van.

We had a sweet crew, Me, Jake, Shannon Carrol, Jared Seiler, Dave Fusilli, Chris Korbulic, Brian Kirk, and Jeremy Laucks.

Chris dropping in on Kimshew falls, a sweet bouncy 40ish footer.

Jared on Kimshew falls bouncin down the brown.

Fusilli went a bit too far right...

And boofed it huge but he was fine so it was all good.

Fusilli looking at triple drop, the stoutest of the Run.

Jared and Chris decided to Give 'er.
Jared launched a boof landing on a rock shelf, and then proceeded to pan am off the bottom drop.

The bottom hole of the stout.

Korbulic came in hot, caughta flake wrong... and
Pitoned incredibly hard. Luckily he and his boat were ok although his kayak does have a huge dent in it now.

He then had the backwards boof through the bottom hole.

The next best rapid of the run is frenchman's Curve, a sweet sliding 40ish footer.
Jared routing them stouts brrrrroooowwwwnnnn.

Chris givin 'er.

Brian Kirk lining it up very nicely.

Jeremy Laucks runnin it with style

All photos by Jeremy Laucks


Anonymous said...

It didn't look like you two were "brown-route-staining" anything! No pictures of yinz!! Were you browning you pants in the woods?
Fire it up, don't just talk it up!!!
And damit, write a story!!
-Your Brown MasteR

Fred Norquist said...

yo ballsner the reason there are no picture of demshitz is because demshitz jeremy failed to take photos of us. We ran demshitz, i dont need to put up proof of that. I am perfectly happy with going kayaking to kayak whether or not there is media of me and/or jake. Go read trl. I write what i feel like, if you dont like it, then dont hate, go read other shit. Nice "anonymous" too scared to show your own face? I'll master your brown.

RiotAJ said...

Yo fred. Nice post. That crik looks sweet.

I will be heading to CO today (5/22) and should arrive by Sunday with Don Smith. You should hit me up and we can boat. Cheers bud,

riotaj (at) hotmail (dot) com