Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dipper Creek 2010

Well I know this post is pretty late but i thought i would put up some pictures, a video and a little story from the few weekends I spent there this past October. Dipper Creek was 1st Descented by The Range Life guys back in 2008. They walked up and down the creek and scouted it all out to make sure it would be good. Thanks to them this creek has now become one of my favorite. Dipper is located past the Elaho drainage up the Squamish river in British Columbia. In 2009 I went to dipper and had the time of my life, and 2010 was just as good and a little more scary with higher water. Dipper Creek is the true creeking experience. It flows from a glacier high in the Tantalus Range and weaves its way into the most committing and beautiful gorges ive ever been in. The gorge walls on your sides are shear 400 foot cliffs. The creek starts off with a bang with a stout double drop "Double Dip" then continues quickly into "Big Dipper" a stout 70 ft tall slide that ends in a huge hit as you slide into pretty much green-water. Then it goes something like this... 20 ft slide... perfect 30 ftr, Long stout slide "Roudy Flatwater"... and it just keeps going. The majority of the time in the creek there is no way out unless your friends are on the rim and vertically extract you. It includes a very involved portage which although not a very long portage, takes about an hour to complete because of all the roping, rapeling and sketchy climbing involved. It then goes into another gorge where you still cannot escape. And in the midst of all this there has somehow been a way through the creek the past 3 years. Luckily. The next gorge is one of the coolest places in the world indeed... vertigo gorge. You drop into an incredible teacup with huge mossy gorge walls, but only after you drop a pretty stout 25ftr with a hard to boof sliding entrance that lands in a small pocket. Basically this creek is the true creeking experience because the rapids are scary, you are comitted, there are portages, and its incredibly beautiful. Its a great time!

Brian Burger, Niko Peha, and Ethan Smith chillin at the campsite at the take-out of dipper.

Still from a timelapse I shot... Cool glow from the campfire!

The massive tree at out campsite.... the loggers left this one standing.

You know its cold when.... Morning at dipper in october.

Brian pretty stoked to paddle!

Me, Jonas and Ben stoked to have finished the Upper and Middle Gorges with no real troubles.

Waking up at 7am in a rain-soaked tent after a classic BC night... Just hoping that the vertigo gorge is not too high after some rain.

Brian Burger dropping into the depths of Vertigo Gorge.

I wish I had more pics for ya... but most of my focus was on video.

Speaking of...

Here is the Vid.


Roman Dial said...

Great story. Intense drops and slots.

are there any other Dipper Creek videos out there?

Meistarinn said...

Don´t mind the late blog as long as you keep those videos coming.