Friday, March 11, 2011

Pucon Season... Chile

Well recently i've really been slacking on blog updates. I am back in the cold, rainy northwest corner of washington state waiting for some snow to melt so i can get out on the rivers. Reflecting on my time in chile, it was easily some of the best months of my life. I worked hard on the filming side of things this trip so most of my pictures in this blog will be from friends. Pucon is really the epicenter for great creeking in chile. It's an amazingly cool little mountain town with an incredible amount of beautiful an fun rivers right close by. The rivers around Pucon offer a couple different styles of creeking.... big waterfalls on the palguin... granite slides on the nevado.... ridiculously fun boulder garden rapids on the rio puesco... technical low volume drops on the carhuello.... stacked basalt waterfalls and slides on the turbio... the list goes on. I spent quite a bit of time in pucon this year and we had some really good times, and sometimes we even had good lines.
Volcan Villarica on Christmas day in HDR. Shot from Ian's place in Pucon.... A beautiful sunset with a great backdrop.

Another HDR shot from the same location!

The Turbio is a small creek outside Pucon that only runs with heavy rainfall. It is a very unique creek that carves its way through a basalt canyon with lush vegetation. This place is the closest place to Jurassic Park that I have ever seen. It rained hard and we woke to a perfect level for the Upper Turbio Stout.

Looking at the "stout" at the top of the Rio Turbio..

Stoked to have run such a cool complicated rapid. Good times. Photo:LJ

Evan about to bomb off the 25ftr then directly into the slide! Photo:LJ

Stoutmaster Erik Johnson on the Turbio stout.Photo: EG

Like i said... hes a stout master.. Erik layin treats. Photo:LJ

This rapid is very unique with a 25ft waterfall then straight into a technical slide with a big hole at the end. It's a good one.

Volcan Villarica at night... Long exposure. Photo:Fred

Middle Palguin is the Local "stout" Its the best, cleanest, softest, safest and one of the most fun 70 fters out there. It doesnt get much better than this for tall waterfalls. This waterfall is easily one of my favorites because it always seems to be good. At high water, it sends you to the depths into a frothing choas... but usually lets you go with no scratches. At low water as long as you have a decent line, it is just so soft and smooth. Middle Palguin has a place in my heart for sure.

Fusilli, Thinhrum and Myself getting ready to fall off Medio.

Thinhrum seal launching into the Middle.

EG the killa running stout 10, soon to fall off middle directly afterwards. Photo: Eric Parker

Myself all in the Hyrup with a little boof-stomp action.

Myself on my first run of the season... get that bow down. Photo by Tom.

Just a little preview of what went down on the filming side of things. Getting those dolly shots dialed at the MP lip.

The Palguin Race added some fun to the summer!

The Upper Palguin race... Erik in the top hole about to steeze out a loop, myself upside down boofing the second drop, with Seth directly under me. Luckily no one got severely injured.

Evan and Jared enjoying some delicious Crystal beer on Christmas day.

A bunch of dirty gringo kayakers having a nice Asado for Christmas dinner.

The crew all dressed up in drag ready for a fun time on New Years.

The Puesco is one of my favorite rivers in the world. It flows from the argentina border towards the small town of Currarehue (about 20 min outside of pucon). It has continuous steep gradient all the way from the base of Volcan La Nin to the bottom of the valley in Currarehue. This gradient is not occupied by waterfalls, but rather a couple hundred really fun boulder garden rapids. This is truly an amazing place and I cannot explain how fun the puesco is!!!

Another beautiful sunny day on the Rio Puesco. I love this place it is incredible. One of my top 2 rivers in the world.

One of the 3 million great boofs on the Puesco in the middle of the Tres Truncos rapid. I love this river!

Skiing on Volcan Villarica in December... what an incredible view! I was able to ski the volcano twice when i was there.

Don't fall in... The crater on the top of the volcano.

The view from the top... the town of pucon, lago villarica and lago caburga with more volcanoes in the background.

The Rio Nevado is probably one of the most fun rivers out there. It starts with an incredilby fun granite slide, then continues with fun waterfalls and unique granite boofs and slides. It runs through a beautiful canyon and is really the mini-cali of chile.

Cheers to another great day on the Nevado... at the takeout of course.

Brownin on the slide! Photo :EG

A little stern mounted GoPro Action here... The slide again.

"crack drop" Photo:EG

GoPro shot of "Wall Falls"

Coming over the Lip of "Demshitz Drop.. the tallest and most stout rapid on the nevado.

Stern Mounted GoPro.... Dropping Into Demshitz drop!!

Evan laying some incredibly g-d out treats on Nutrients... one of the best boofs around.

Griff and I Chillin in the beautiful lower nevado gorge!

Rodrigo's First D on the Carhuello. This thing was a stout!

The Crew In Latitude 39, our favorite restaurant in Pucon with ice cold beer and delicious food. Me, Evan, Thin, Anton.

And on the last night before Thin and I left for the US, we drank Pisco and in true chilean fashion Evan cut my hair into a flourishing Chocapanda or in english Mullet!

The Pucon Season this year was super fun and we were able to paddle some of my favorite rivers in the world. Pura Vida!

My footage from chile will be online sometime but in which form we are not sure yet stay posted....


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