Friday, October 24, 2008

Chile 2008

So here I am at the rio Maipo close to santiago. It was an epic transit here with very icy roads from Carbondale to Denver. Then we arrived at the airport, where we of course ran into trouble flying with a boat. American Airlines doesnt check boats, so i was forced to refund my ticket, and buy a new ticket with Delta because they would fly my boat. The delta ticket ended up bieng way cheaper costing 1200 rather than 1500 with american so that was sick. After a 300 dollar fee to fly with my boat, and my paddle bag, and my duffel, I was off to Atlanta where i would then connect to my flight to santiago. The flight was hellishly long, i think it was like 10 and a half hours. I arrived in santiago, bought my visa, and was fortunate enough to have all my bags make it. There I met Evan and Ian Garcia. Their paddle bag didnt make it down so Evan stayed in santiago with his lady while Ian and I traveled to San Alfonso, a small rafting town on el rio maipo. The chilean kayakers here are super cool. Although the Maipo is not our destination for the dope yakin, it is a beautiful valley, with tall snowcapped peaks and desert like vegetation. We are figuring out logistics right now so that Ian can buy a truck, and head to Pucon where stout waterfalls await us. Untill next time, ciao


Tom said...

Glad you made it! The Maipo valley is sweeeeet--enjoy


paddlefreek said...

Weird that AA wouldn't take the boats and delta would. It's usually the other way around. At least that has been the case with my experiences.