Friday, October 31, 2008

El Rio Desahue

We were stoked to leave santiago in search of some real kayaking. Ian bought our new dope ass ride, a chevy luv 4x4. We left San Alfonso at like 4pm and drove to Pucon, something like a 10 hour drive.

Our dope ride on the way to Pucon.

We slept a bit, then met up with rodrigo for a day of rediculously sick kayaking.
El rio Desahue, one of the main Pucon area creeks. This river is probably the best river I have ever paddled. There are about 100 perfect 10footers, amazing fun rapids, and two 30ish footers.

Rodrigo showing us what up chillean style. check out

Me on one of the upper rapids, what an amazing river.

We came to a rapid formerly known as the "portage" a nice 30ftr with a shallow landing.

Ian gave ´er first with a very nice line.

Rodrigo ran it second, also having a beautiful line.

And then Evan with the classic evan steeze off that bitch, layin treats fo sho.

I figured I would walk it, lots of consequence, and I was str8 off the couch.
We ran 20 more perfect ten footers.

Evan running a tricky log duck with a stout hole.

The end of the run is the best, where the ojos waterfall awaits.

Evan on the entrance.

Evan boofing demshitz. Layin Treats

Me running the right side, a nice perfect 30.

Me layin them treats on the left side. I be gettin that fo sho.

Evan as usual with the dope ass steeze yo.

Pucon area is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been. I plan to return many times in my life. Its halloween so im off to the bars, check back for more dope updates fo sho. also check egcreekin

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