Sunday, November 2, 2008

Desahue El Rio De Mi Corazon

Aight so since I last updated, we ran the puesco, the nevados, and the coilaco 30ftr.  I forgot my memory card for my camera on those days so i do not have photos, but we plan to get back on them soon.It has been a good few days of insanely sick kayaking. Chile is the most beautiful place I have ever been to, the rivers here are so amazing, the mountains are huge, the girls are too hot for their own good, and the parties are super fun. This is the way I like to live my life.

Me with Villaricca in the background. Me encanta Chile.

The Desahue is the river we have been running primarily. It is an amazing river with millions of perfect ten footers, perfect auto boofs, and a couple 30 ish footers. The water is crystal clear. I love this river.

El Rio Desahue. Que linda.

Evan, Ian and Rodrigo chillin.

Evan styling the second drop of the run.

Ian running the portage, a 30 ftr that lands in about 2 feet of water.

Evan on the portage.

Me running the last drop, ojos waterfall.

I reallly like this photo, evan paddling below the waterfall

.Evan running it with STEEEEZZZEE

This river is beautiful, check back for more sweet updates soon, also check

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Peter Benedict said...

I am probably just venting because I am envious but you wack muthas need to rumminate about yo rhymes. Its all on the surface now and that shit ain't dope. What are you thinking about other than hittn' that shit? I knowzz yall got it upstairs. Get it on the page.

A brief insight into where I am. There was a guy standing beside the road with a bible over his heads preaching to the Bi-Lo. In a town with a church on every block the faithful are forced to preach to the wind to be heard over the din of righteous. Gotta love Dayton, TN. Glad you guys are having fun and I am definately stoked for you. Great pics.