Friday, November 21, 2008


The Nevados has quickly become my favorite river in Chile, it starts off in a cool gorge with some technical little rapids, then opens up a bit, dropping into a sweet granite slide. It then continues to drop quickly into several different little gorges, with some of the most quality rapids i have ever paddled. Clean 15 footer, two clean 5 footers, clean 20 footer, clean 5ftr, clean 10ftr, It goes on and on. You get the most bang for your buck on this one. Within about a mile and a half, you have probably around 50 amazing rapids, and only 2 that arent very fun.

Evan on the best slide around.

If there was any river i wouldn't get bored of it would be this one, the rapids are so quality, you could run it everyday.

Jared Seiler airing it out on the flake.

We had fun trying to air the craziest lines off the middle flake, i succeeded twice to hit the flake and have some crazy aerial spinning maneuvers.

Jared on of my favorite drops on the run, the perfect 15 footer.

Me running the far left line, a boof to stomp is nice here, to avoid a crunched back.

Graham going for the freewheel, aww yeah.

Eg on the perfect slot 20 footer styling the aerial brown like no other.

Graham Seiler givin er hell on the wonderful 20 footer.
After this rapid there are some more perfect 10 footers, then it leads into the most intense part of the run.

Eg on the most stout part of the run, the most fun boof ever.

And Eg boofing a stout little hole with a log blocking the exit, you best be on ur game.

Me on the last rapid of the run, also being one of the most dangerous with high pin potential due to a couple manky rocks.

The rapid just after the takeout, it goes, hopefully soon someone in our group fires that bad boy up.

Cheers to the best river in Chile, Love this one!!!

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