Friday, November 21, 2008

El RIo Florine

The Florine is an amazing river in the lake district of Chile. After being a little burnt out on the Pucon scene, we headed down to the lake district looking to go big, and go on an adventure. We first went to the llancahue, check out EGcreekin's update. Then headed south to the Florine where we were greeted with warm hot springs, and a beautiful but stout creek. We soaked in the hot springs the night before the run with hopes of hucking the stout 55 footer.

The group chillin in the warm hot springs.

We were rewarded. We woke, and hiked up to the goods. I was a little scared, this creek being the stoutest thing i had stepped up to. The first rapid, a sweet 15 footer.

Ian gettin er done.

It dropped a bit, then this rapid loomed out of the stoutness. Ian on the entrance.

And resurfacing after the slot 10.

And Ian killing it yet again.

This rapid is huge, A slot ten footer, leading directly into a 25 footer landing in a tight pool with an undercut wall. Stout.

Evan on the entrance right on line.

And stomping the stout.

Jared went next, having a perfect line. Unfortunately I missed photos of Jared, but of course he killed it Demshitz style. I portaged, a little stout for my taste.

After the first stout, we were greeted with a beautiful 25 ft slide. Me with Eg looking on.

Then the stout. Directly after the 25 ft slide, we were greeted with a 55 ft horizon line. We scouted. Ian fired it up first.

Ian droppin it like its hot from the top.

Jared ran next. killing it Jared style, breaking his paddle, but making it up anyways.

Eg with the paddle toss, a good call since we have already broken 5 paddles, one per person. Killed it. Photo- Jared Seiler

Me running from the top, a long ways to fall.

Me stepping up to the plate, it was a good one!! Photo- Jared Seiler
I ended up boofing out a bit, but was lucky enough to be tucked up, so that the hit didnt take a toll on my back. I was fired up.

Me stoked in the pool, a long ways from the lip.

Another sweet photo of Eg killing it.

We then ran into a more gorged out section, where we scouted the portage. It goes but is pretty nasty. As everyone should know, " when ur running the shit, sometimes shit hits the fan." Ian's boat ended up soloing the portage, and i had a scary ferry right above the lip of the portage. We then were stuck, 3 people with boats, and a boat in a gorge. Ian, having his boat in the gorge, jumped 35 feet into the gorge after the portage rapid and was able to recover his boat. We portaged, and hiked back into the gorge and met him below. This incident was a good reminder to take things slow, and be very carefull. It was definetly a good lesson for me, being the stoutest, most committing thing i had run. We then reached a tricky little rapid in the runout of the gorge, Ian ran first and had trouble getting over a shitty little rock in the exit. I ran next, was stuffed into the right wall at the top, flipped, and ended up swimming. I was able to climb on top of my boat, then climb up the wall to the left to escape. Ian was right there with a rope on my boat, and the rest of the crew helped grab my paddle and such. Thanks a buch to Ian, Evan and Jared being there for me. We then exited the gorge, and hiked back to our camp, having learned good lessons to take it slow, and be on our toes at all times. These experiences are necessary when you are running committing class 5.

Ian running the rapid i swam out of.

We then headed south to check out a river we had heard a little about. The Petrohue. We were shut down on out mission to huck the falls there, but saw one of the prettiest places i have been.

The view from our campsite, huge mountains, and beautiful lakes.
Another jagged peak in the lake district, what an amazing place.

Volcan Asorno, a huge volcano right at the Petrohue.

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