Friday, November 14, 2008

Panqui First Descent

So a little while ago, Rodrigo took us down the panqui at pretty low water. We cruised down the top section, and then came to "the portage", a super low volume 60 footer. Rodrigo and Ian fired it up. Evan, Graham, and Jared and I ran safety and took media. This river is a small, low volume creek about 40 mins out of Pucon. No one has previously ran the 60 footer. The rest of the run has 4 little ledge type drops in a super cool gorge.

Ian on the lower section, a sweet little 30 footer.

The exit coming out of the gorge just after the 60 footer, STOUT no one ran this, however it goes, but you best be ready.

Rodrigo ran second, and had a decent line for such a hard waterfall. He did go over the bars a bit.

Ian looking good, on the first ever descent.

And not looking so good.

This drop is super hard, and luckily everyone came out without injury, only a broken paddles, but mostly,  broken egos.

Check for more of our sweet adventures.

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