Friday, November 14, 2008

Rio Agrio, and Our Mission To Argentina

A beautiful sunset at the Rio Agrio.

Just after the middle palguin, we took to the road in Rodrigo's sick van, headed to the Rio Agrio, and hoping to find new waterfalls to the north. Argentina is a beautiful country, With huge mountains and interesting landscape. On this trip, we were not able to find any sweet new waterfalls, and only were able to go kayaking once, on the Rio Agrio. We spent four days in the car, and only went kayaking once. Sometimes, you just dont find what you are looking for. We tried to cross the border back to chile after the agrio, however were shut down. We drove to the argentina border on a dirt road high in the mountains, trying to cross to Chile, finding that the road had been washed out we turned around, and headed back to Pucon shut down on our First D Mission.

Rodrigo's van and our campsite right next to Rio Agrio. The Rio Agrio is a high desert creek that comes out of a sulfur spring high in the mountains. The water is very potent, it stings your eyes, and destroys your nostrils. The waterfalls on this creek are beautiful and it is a very unique place. Although we didnt do much kayaking, we experienced a very different place, and had fun anyways.

Arocaria trees, a very unique tree typical of the area around the Agrio.
Jared Seiler gettin er done on the top drop. It turned out to be a bit low to have good lines on this one. Jared hit a few rocks on the way down.

Jared again on a sweet 10 footer below Josh Bechtel's Drop.

Demshitz Graham Seiler stomping the last 20 footer.

Josh Bechtel's Drop, Bechtel you are a little bit insane. ha we had no takers, even with Ian huckfest Garcia

Eg tha killa killin it on the last 20 footer.

Ian Garcia be reppin hard.

Well i guess everyone falls on their face sometimes. This time it was me, too bad i ended up breaking a paddle on this one :-(

A beautiful shot of us crossing back into Chile to lap the Puesco. Volcano La Nin.

Graham Seiler with a sick waterfall in his shades and E G reppin his guns of fury.

The waterfall on the lower Agrio, Any takers?

Mountains in Argentina, What a beautiful place.

Leaving el Rio Agrio, and its sleepy mountain town behind.

Another sleepy Argentinian town, with a beautiful view.

Untill next time, Fred

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