Friday, November 14, 2008

Middle Palguin

So just before our trip to Argentina which will be on the blog soon, Demshitz Graham and Evan were super fired up to go look at middle palguin, a beautiful 70 footer on the Palguin river just outside of Pucon. It was high water, so the entrance to the waterfall was super intense with gnarly boils. Evan ran first having a crazy line in which he did a crazy corkscrew off the 70 footer. he came out unscathed and fired up to go run it again, what a crazy most people just don't lap 70 footers. Graham came next with a sick line gutting it straight down the middle, breaking his paddle and blowing his skirt, but was able to get to shore easily. Evan, after doing some safety for graham ran back up and ran again. His line was much better this time, taking a left stroke at the lip, and Boof to stomping a 70 footer. He pulled his bow down just enough to have a perfect entry angle. Demshitz gettin it done.

The Drop, 'tis a big one.

EG Boof to stomp on a 70 footer.

And bringing his bow down for entry into the hyrup.

Stoked at the bottom.

A zoomed out photo of Graham if you look closely he is all up in that.

I am stoked for the day that i decide to run this beast, what a beautiful waterfall.

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