Saturday, October 25, 2008

El Rio Coyanco 1st Descent

After a dope asada last night with plenty of steak, and sausage. Pangal told us we would be waking up early to do a first descent of a tributary to the Maipo, the Coyanco. We woke early, drank mate and headed to the take out. We planned on using mules to carry our kayaks up the river valey, but the mules got scared when we loaded them up with four boats each so we resorted to carrying our boats up. The hike was decently long, probably like 3 or 4 miles, where we reached a decent rapid. Most of the group stayed there while Ian and Pangal headed up more in search of more rapids. They found a couple ten footers, and some manky boulder piles. We took a short nap in the chilean sun while Pangal and Ian paddled the upper section. We then geared up, and ran the most signifigant rapid, a class 4 ish drop with two tiered boofs, one being like 6 feet. We then ran the rest of the river, which consisted of lots of manky class 3, with two fun class 4 ish drops. It was a good time.

We loaded up Sergio´s little ranger with ten boats haha.

Trying to get the mules stoked about the trip.

The Mules crossing the creek.

We finally resorted to hiking

Ian on the trek.

The first signifigant rapid we found.

Evan layin treats on it.

Ian fired up that he didnt just hike 3.5 miles for one rapid.

Ian boofin that shit.

Pangal takin er to town yo.

The truck full of kayaks.

The view from pangal´s house, the Maipo valley is pretty.

Cactus and stuff.

Stay tuned for more EXTREME adventures.

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